Our physiotherapists are qualified and experienced healthcare professionals that specialise in NDIS and Home Care Package physiotherapy treatments

Why Choose Advance Allied

We come to you, saving you precious time. 


We are experts in assistive mobility aids and can recommend home modifications to help you live a safer, more independence life.

Our compassionate mobile physiotherapists are experts in pain management and rehabilitation. We can help you minimise pain and discomfort and achieve your functional goals. 

We offer an inclusive range of evidence-based physio services ensuring you get the best health outcomes.

Mobile physiotherapy should be a personalised experience that conveniently enriches your life.

It should address your physio needs professionally in the comfort of your home or workplace, saving you time and money, minimising pain and discomfort and restoring physical function. At Advance Allied, we provide a range of mobile physio services designed to do just that.

Our mobile physiotherapists are qualified and experienced healthcare professionals that specialise in administering home physiotherapy treatments to Home Care Package and National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants. Our team of well-equipped specialists are dedicated to reinstating, maintaining and maximising the mobility, function and wellness of our patients in and around Adelaide. 


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Home Physiotherapy Services, Comprehensive and Convenient

When you need a physiotherapist, you don’t want to have to worry about traffic, parking and circumstances that could delay treatment and prolong discomfort. Mobility issues resulting from injury, disability or illness can also make it difficult to travel for physiotherapy management.

In your own home, you are in a familiar environment and there are typically fewer distractions. Being in this relaxed state can enhance treatment and speed up progress, which is a major benefit of mobile physiotherapy.

Live a happier and healthier life

We are experienced in the management of a wide range of neurological condition. the goal with our mobile and home physiotherapy services is always to improve quality of life.

We achieve this by carefully assessing your needs and developing treatments plan to achieve maximum range of movement and physical ability.

It’s about enabling you and your loved one to gain independence and live a happier life and healthier life.

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We currently have capacity to provide physiotherapy to Home Care Package and NDIS participants in Adelaide and the Barossa Valley